Call to action examples

Call to action examples

It is critical that a call to action needs to be more effective than what you might typically find on the “Contact Us” page of a website.

Call to action examples. CTA examples.

The best call to action examples depends upon a number of issues including your product or service and the profile of the market/s that you are in and how your prospective clients choose to access these. Here are some techniques and principles that lead to more effective calls to action. Use the following as a check list to help you design your call to action.

Data and analytics call to action tracking

Facts and figures are convincing and can used to trigger an action to buy. Analytics can also be deployed to monitor and improve your conversion rates

 Expiry date call to action

 Creating a sense of urgency can trigger a call to action to buy

 Sales call to action

Many customers value a bargain and this can trigger an action to buy

Effective description call to action

 How to write an effective call to action? A description succinctly explaining the benefits of your product or service can trigger a call action to buy.

Positioning call to action

 A well placed opportunity to purchase your goods or services will produce better results than the same goods or services placed somewhere else. On a website, placing a call to action button in the centre of the content will provide better results than anywhere else.

Market research call to action

Get feedback on your call to action strategies to help select the final call to action to be deployed.


The best call to action will trigger a purchase. Here are just some CTA examples:

“Get your quote now”,

“Buy Now”.

“Click Here to Register”,

“Sign Up Now”,

“Download Now”,

“Don’t Wait, Save Today”.

Call to action examples
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